LBL & Pelvic Floor strength



1 in 3 woman suffer from LBL. One of our Head Trainers Tiae personally had an experienced this issue as a strength athlete and found EMS training as a great solution. Studies has down EMS (Electro Muscular stimulation) training as an effect Treatment for LBL (Light bladder leakage)

Electromuscular stimulation (EMS) of the whole body musculature – An innovative method to relieve urinary incontinence

(BOECKH-BEHRENS W.-U./SCHÄFFER, G., unpublished dissertation, University of Bayreuth, 2002).

Aim of study
The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of EMS training on urinary incontinence.

The presence, type and the intensity of urinary incontinence complaints were investigated in 49 individuals with back ailments with the help of initial and subsequent questionnaires (GAUDENZ 1979). A largely slight to moderate form of urinary incontinence was present in 17 individuals (15 women, 2 men) averaging 47 years of age.
10 units of EMS training, twice per week, each lasting 45 minutes, were carried out with the following training parameters: pulse duration 4 s, pulse interval 2 s, frequency 80 Hz, rise time 0 s, pulse width 350 s. In the process, a period of about 25 minutes of supervised training, during which various static exercise positions were assumed, followed a habituation period lasting 10-15 minutes in each case for the adjustment of individual pulse strengths. The training period concluded with a five-minute relaxation program (pulse duration 1 s, frequence 100 Hz, rise time 0 s, pulse width 150 s.

An alleviation of urinary incontinence complaints was achieved in 64.7% of the cases. 23.5% became complaint-free. A decrease in complaints occurred in 24.4%, and 35.9% saw no change. These results corresponded somewhat to the improvements that have been reported for treatments of incontinence with special, local electromuscular therapies (cf. Eriksen 1987, Sebastio 2000, Salinas Casado 1990, Meyer 2001).

Whole body EMS training represents an effective training system. It achieves therapeutic goals such as relief from incontinence and back complaints and preventive goals such as muscle formation, body contouring and improvements in mood, vitality, body stability and general performance.


training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation

ems and strength

Research study

Short and long-term training effects on strength-related diagnostic parameters from mechanical and electrical stimulation

(Speicher, U. / Nowak, S. / Schmithüsen J. / Kleinöder, H. / Mester, J., German Sport University Cologne 2008; published in “medical sports network” 04/2007, among others.)

Aim of study
The goal of the present study was to compare classic strength training methods with dynamic whole body EMS with regard to their effects on strength and speed.

80 sports students were randomized into equal parts into classic training groups for hypertrophy, maximum strength, quickness and muscular endurance, the modern procedure for whole body EMS and vibration, as well as the two mixed groups, whole body EMS/hypertrophy and vibration/hypertrophy. The classic training groups worked on the leg curl and leg extension musculature on (Gym80) machines in the respective groups in 3 series with various additional weights (30-90%, 3-15 repetitions). The EMS groups executed side steps and knee bends without additional weights (load/interval 6 s/4 s, pulse frequency 85 Hz, pulse width 350 μs, bipolar rectangular pulse (60% intensity). Standardization was via visual biofeedback. The training took place twice a week over a period of 4 weeks. Entry and exit tests were carried out on strength diagnostic machines before and after the training as well as after a two-week regeneration phase. The dynamics were measured by means of performance (strength x speed) with 40% and 60% additional load at various angles.

All types of strength training were able to improve maximum performance significantly. Maximum strength improved the most, 16%, within the hypertrophy group, followed by 9-10% for EMS. Only the EMS groups showed significant improvement in speed. The measured speed performance improved by about 30% – significantly more than by classic methods (16-18%). This is apparently due to EMS‘s direct control of fast-twitch muscle fibers.
Mixed training designs such as EMS and classic hypertrophy training show the typical changes that result from the two training stimuli (a maximum 7 % growth in strength and 12% improvement in performance).
Combinations of classic and modern training procedures could thus open up new, promising configurations of stimuli. Long-term effects of whole body EMS must in particular be emphasized. The greatest boosts in performance appear after a two-week period of regeneration.

Compared with various types of training to boost strength and speed, dynamic whole body EMS training with miha bodytec has been shown to be a highly effective training method. Whole body EMS was the sole form of training able to improve maximum sports performance in speed of movement. In addition, pronounced long-term effects are opening up new possibilities in training periodization. An carefully dosed amount of whole body EMS together with the dynamic execution of movement represents a promising combination for strength and speed training.


Would you do it? you wont believe what tradies are doing to cure their back pain!


Back injuries are the most common reason for missed work for tradies with nearly a quarter of tradesmen experiencing back pain. 

Some recommend treatment for back pain prevention and rehabilitation is stretching, massage and Pilates. However, after long days of hard work trades are to physically exhausted or have little interested and time to dedicate to yoga/ rehab classes.


bionic fitness ems

It's Called


EMS uses its own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work. This is Amazing news for people who suffer from back pain or other injuries.

The Research

A study consisting of 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks showed a reduction in back pain in 88% of participants. Participants who continued to experience back discomfort stated that their pain has reduced to up to 80%.  

  • More than 40% of participants complained about constant back pain at the start of the study. The figure was just 9% after 6 weeks of training.
  • The pain totally disappeared in 44% of the patients with chronic complaints.
  • The duration of the typical back pain in everyday life (lifting heavy loads, walking, bending over, heavy physical labor, chores, sports, driving or sitting for long periods) improved by up to 30% 

    Whole body EMS training combats back ailments, a common condition, very effectively. The current evidently engages even deep muscles that can only be reached with conventional treatment measures with difficulty. The special whole body EMS training represents a time-saving, very effective all-round training that achieves far-reaching, positive health effects. At the same time, therapeutic as well as preventive objectives are achieved

    (BOECKH-BEHRENS, W.-U. / GRÜTZMACHER, N. / SEBELEFSKY, J., unpublished dissertation, University of Bayreuth, 2002).
bionic fitness ems


Bionic Fitness EMS workouts are not only great for reducing and preventing back pain it can also help with posture, fix muscular imbalances, increase overall physical performance (strength, speed, endurance, power) aid to weight loss and so much more. One of the best parts about Bionic Fitness is that you are in and out within 30 minutes making it an extremely time efficient solution for a busy and hard working individual. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 6.44.24 am.png

Mark is a plumber, which means his job requires him to be physically mobile and active.

Mark started doing Bionic Fitness 2 years ago after his knee injuries from rugby made it difficult for him to do regular gym training. Mark's originally goal was to loss weight, get fit and get strong. 

In the last two years Mark has became fitter, increased his core strength, fixed his back pain and been able to do his job more comfortably and effectively. 


Want to train like a victoria Secret Model? 


Victoria secret models are considered to have the most sculpted physique in fashion. although their bodies look effortless, these models require discipline, consistency and effectIVE diet / training plans. 

Victoria secret models and other high level models around the world are plugging in for a Shocking workout. Electro muscle stimulation workouts are growing in popularity due to their time efficiency, body toning effect and low injury risk. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 1.47.00 pm.png

What is EMS?

Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) uses your own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work.

EMS uses an electric current to fire muscle fibres to give your body an intense and effective athletic training session. EMS training is appropriate for all levels including; general population, athletes, beginner, in rehabilitation or someone looking for a unique kick in their workout.

EMS is effective in increasing several key areas including metabolism, strength, endurance and speed. The use of EMS is perfect for individuals who are undergoing rehabilitation. It not only provides long-term pain relief, but it also reduces the loss of hard-earned muscle mass and athletic performance

Bionic Fitness EMS

Why Bionic Fitness?

+ Fat loss

+ Decrease cellulite

+ Time efficient

+ Relive back pain

+ Increase athletic performance. (Speed, strength, endurance, power)

+ Time efficient. 25 minute workouts (Max 2 sessions a week)

+ Fix muscular imbalances

+ No strain on joints or ligaments

+Injury recovery / rehabilitation

+ Increase pelvic floor strength

+ Increase deep stabilising core muscles. 





Watch the video below to see Desley’s first Bionic Fitness EMS experience.


HEY Hatch team,

Bionic Fitness will coming to your office on Tuesday the 16th Of October offering Free 20 minute sessions.

Bionic Fitness is Queensland’s first full body Electro Muscle Stimulation studio.


Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) uses its own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work.

EMS uses an electric current to fire muscle fibres to give your body an intense and effective athletic training session. EMS training is appropriate for all levels including; general population, athletes, beginner, in rehabilitation or someone looking for a unique kick in their workout.

EMS is effective in increasing several key areas including metabolism, strength, endurance and speed.

What are the benefits of Bionic Fitness?

  • Fat Loss

  • Improve memory and focus

  • Saves Time (20 minute sessions, 2 sessions a week max)

  • Fix muscular imbalances

  • improves posture

  • Relives/ fixes back pain

  • Increases athletic performance (Strength, speed, endurance, power)

  • Decreases the risk of injury when working out

  • Allows you to workout through an existing injury.

  • Increases Blood flow

  • Speeds up recovery

  • Improve quality of life

  • Strengthen Pelvic floor muscles


What suit sizes do we go up to?

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.29.34 am.png

We have a variety of suit sizes. We can do people ranging from 50kg - 160kg

What do i need to bring?

We supply your undergarment suit and electro suit.
All you need is a towel & water bottle.
You can do your session in socks, barefoot or fitness shoes.


Book in for your Bionic Fitness session below. Limited spots available.
Once you have chosen your time you will be taken through a list of health screening questions. If any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.


You will find us in Room B1.1.06 On LEVEL 1.


The problem

Today Employees are suffering from pain, disease, depression and discomfort more then ever before.

The average person spends 8-14 hours a day sitting down.
lack of physical inactivity contributes to over 3 million preventable deaths each year making it the 4th leading case of death.

What is sitting down and inactivity really doing to your employees bodies?

  • Weight gain

  • Cancer

  • Bad posture

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Muscle loss

  • Hip pain

  • Knee injuries

  • Stiff neck and shoulders

  • Heart disease

  • Diabetes

  • Disc Compression’s 

  • Back pain

The list goes on…

As an employer we want a workforce that is physically strong, healthy, happy and full of energy. We know it is hard to build a healthy and strong body and mind without regular resistance or HITT exercise.

That’s where we come in

Bionic Fitness uses full body Electric muscle stimulation technology from Germany. Workouts go for 20 minutes and stimulate 90% of your main muscle groups in that time. That means your employees will be back to their desk within 30 minutes with their blood pumping, mind focused and body full of energy ready to get through the rest of the week.

Benefits for your business

  • More productive staff

  • Less sick days

  • Counter for sitting Down all day.

  • Sit longer without back pain

  • Increase staff memory and brain function

  • Prevent staff bad posture

  • Develop a healthier work force.


Step 1 - Meeting
We set up a meeting so you can meet the team & find out a bit more about our technology.

Step 2- Video
We invite 1-2 staff members to our studio in Toowong to try out a Bionic Fitness session for themselves and film a video that can be sent out the office. (Watch video we did with Hatch on the right)

Step 3- Open day
Bionic Fitness comes to you. We choose a day and come in to the office for a full day to let anyone interested in the opportunity to try a session for themselves for Free. We supply everything. Online booking system, health screening forms, undergarments, electric suits even a changing room.

Step 4 - We become a part of your fitness and health solution.
Bionic Fitness can come to your place of business for 1-2 days a week and preform EMS for your staff.

How a session works

Step 1: Suit Up
We supply an undergarment and the fully body electric suit.
our sizes can fit people who are 45kg - 150kg

Step 2: Strength, Speed & Power
Activate up 90% of your fast twitch muscle fibers. This level of activation takes 5 hours and 33 minutes doing conventional training and has the same health benefits as HITT training. .
This part of the workout goes between 10-15 minutes

Step 3: Endurance
Activate your slow twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for going the distance.
This part of the workout goes between 3-5 minutes).

Step 4: Massage
Relax, break up tight muscles and knots with a 3-5 minute massage. .

One of the most fun and exciting workouts i have ever done. ★★★★★
— Alex