5 reasons why the world’s fastest humans are plugging into EMS Machines.

We're all trying to find our competitive edge by utilising the advancements of sports science, nutrition and recovery research. But as these evolve our to do list of what needs to be done to become a high level athlete is becoming increasingly longer.


What is EMS?

The EMS training method utilises electrical impulses to achieve a controlled contraction of the skeletal striated muscles. In conventional training, muscles are controlled by the central nervous system via electrical signals to cause contraction and therefore movement. In EMS training, however, the musculature receives external electrical impulses, due to muscles inability to differentiate between internal and external signals, this allows the muscles to contract without a signal from the central nervous system.

In short instead of lifting heavy weight or doing a regular workout an EMS machine can contact 90% of your muscle simultaneously in 1/5 of the time it would take to achieve the same results in a conventional workout. EMS workouts only take 20 minutes and put no strain on your joints or ligaments unlike conventional training methods. 

You many have seen two of the fastest olympic gold medalists Usain Bolt and Dina Smith wearing superhuman Bionic looking suits during their Training.

These suits are using electricity to speed up recovery and gain that competitive edge. This new popular form of training is called EMS- Electro Muscle Stimulation.


5 Reasons why athletes are using EMS to enhance their athletic performance. 

1. Increase Speed

EMS is perfect for firing your Fast Twitch muscle fibres. Over a 14 week study results showed an average of 19.38% increase in speed and sprint performance.

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2. Increase Endurance / Strength Endurance

EMS is perfect for firing ‘sleepy’ muscles. Over an 8 week study research shows a  highly significant performance increase of strength endurance in the core muscle area of 24,3%
36.9% increase in the upper body.
17.2% increase in leg muscles.

Typically, when you train at the gym or do a sport, you will only use between 40 - 70% of your strength potential. EMS improves how your muscles work together and increases the intensity of your muscle contractions, enabling your body to use up to 90% of it’s potential - achieving more, in a shorter time.


3. Improve Flexibility

In just an 8 week study results showed a drastic increase in flexibility.
79.2% increase in hamstring flexibility (sit and reach test) 
22.8% Shoulder and wrist flexibility.


4. Heal Back pain

Back pain is one of the most common restrictions for athletes and everyday people alike. 

EMS research reported a reduction of back pain in 88.7% of all participants. Participants also reported a decrease of frequency and intensity of back pain during exercise and found they could sit up to 30% longer before lower back discomfort set in.


5. Sports and injury Recovery 

EMS training promotes the circulation of blood throughout the muscles, which can significantly help to release muscular tension and knots.

EMS is designed to allow for the selective targeting of particular muscle groups. This is especially important if muscular imbalances are to be corrected.

EMS has become a popular tool for people recovering from an injury since it puts no strain on your joints or ligaments and can help reduce muscle loss and loss of sports performance during rehab.

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