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Back injuries are the most common injury for tradies with nearly a quarter of tradesmen experiencing back pain.

The repetitive nature of manual labour in trade occupations predisposes the muscles, ligaments, vertebrae, and discs in your back to strains and sprains.

The recommend treatment for back pain prevention and rehabilitation is stretching and Pilates but most Trades are to physically excused or not interested in dedicating time to yoga classes.


3 reasons why tradesmen are using BIONIC FITNESS?


1) Reduce Backpain

Back pain is the leading corse of disability world wide. Studies have shown a 88.7% of people see a reduction in back back pain. (Back Pain Study)

fix back pain ems

2) Improves Posture

Just two 25 minute bionic fitness sessions a week have been scientifically proven to fix muscular imbalances and posture. (Click for study)


3) Save time

Bionic Fitness is a 20 minute workout that activated 90% of your muscle fibres. This level of activation can take up to 5 hours and 33 minutes doing conventual training.


Studies have shown EMS Training to be beneficial for treating and preventing back pain. 88.7 % of the subjects were able to sharply reduce their back pain. The frequency and duration of the pain turned out to be as much as 80% less.

  • More than 40% of participants complained about constant back pain at the start of the study. The figure was just 9% after 6 weeks of training.

  • The pain totally disappeared in 44% of the patients with chronic complaints.

  • The duration of the typical back pain in everyday life (lifting heavy loads, walking, bending over, heavy physical labor, chores, sports, driving or sitting for long periods) improved by up to 30%.



Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) uses its own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work.

EMS uses an electric current to fire muscle fibres to give your body an intense and effective athletic training session. EMS training is appropriate for all levels including; general population, athletes, beginner, in rehabilitation or someone looking for a unique kick in their workout.

EMS is effective in increasing several key areas including metabolism, strength, endurance and speed. EMS is perfect for individuals going through rehabilitation where you need long-term pain relief and to decrease the loss of hard earned muscle mass as well as increase athletic performance.

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Bionic Fitness EMS

ALLEGRA. Mountain biker.★★★★★

I found it really effective for activation of sluggish muscles and great for firing you muscles up. Every programme is tailored for your own fitness level. I’ve Been doing EMS for 8 weeks and really see how much my strength has increased, it really shows in my mountain biking and running, it has also helped my sleepy muscles fire after breaking my arm. Thanks Bionic Fitness!!


John. Retired. 75 ★★★★★

“We received a call today from our oldest regular Bionic Fitness client. John is 75 years old and has been training with us
1-2x a week for a year now. Today John had his regular heart check up. The doctor was pleased to tell John that his heart is the healthiest and fittest it has been since he has been getting his regular check ups. John has knee replacements and no cartilage left in his shoulders but because of his consistent Bionic Fitness workouts he is extremely strong, fit and healthy.”

Bionic Fitness EMS

Mark. Plummer ★★★★★

Mark started doing Bionic Fitness twice a week after he tore his ACL in his knee while playing Soccer. Since start a few years ago Mark has seen an increase in muscle tone, decrease in body fat, huge decrease in back pain, increase in flexibility and an improvement in energy levels during work.



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We are located directly Behind the Regatta Hotel.

Bionic Fitness is located inside Riverside Fitness. Customer carpark out the front.

6 Landsborough Terrace
Toowong, QLD, 4066


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