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Are you afraid of the dreaded sneeze that might lead to a new change of underwear or do you dread the day the trainer decides it's a good idea to work on your skipping skills even though you have had 3 kids?

What about avoiding that friend that makes you Laugh so hard that you can't control yourself even if you're in public.

Some of these Scenarios are the reality for 1 in 3 women. 

WHAT IS LIGHT bladder leakage (LBL)?

LBL is very common, 1 in 3 women experience some level of bladder incontinence. The two most common types of incontinence include stress incontinence and urge incontinence, but some women can have a combination of both types.

+ Stress incontinence is the loss of urine (small or large amounts) from activities that cause pressure on your bladder such as coughing, running, jumping, or sneezing. It happens when the pelvic floor muscles- that support the bladder- weaken.

+ Urge incontinence is the frequent sudden need to urinate that often causes bladder contractions and the loss of small or moderate amounts of urine. It happens from bladder irritants such as caffeine or alcohol, excessive hydration, use of certain medications such as diuretics (water pills), or neurological conditions.

Common treatments include Kegel exercises, pilates exercises which focus on strengthening the core, fat loss to relieve some abdominal pressure against the bladder, reduction in bladder irritants such as caffeine and alcohol, limited liquid intake to not let your bladder get too full and for some women, referral to a physical therapist that specialises in pelvic floor physical therapy.

The problem with most of these treatments is they are temporary, time consuming and most are ineffective, that’s where Bionic Fitness EMS comes in.

WHAT IS Bionic fitness EMS ?


Bionic Fitness uses full body Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS). EMS uses electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work.

EMS uses an electric current to fire muscle fibres to give your body an intense and effective athletic training session. EMS training is appropriate for all levels including; general population, athletes, beginner, in rehabilitation or someone looking for a unique kick in their workout.

EMS is effective in increasing several key areas including pelvic floor strength, pelvic floor endurance, core strength, metabolism, muscular strength, endurance, cardiovascular health and speed. EMS is perfect for individuals who need long-term pain relief particularly in lower back, knees and shoulders.

3 reasons why every female should be using BIONIC FITNESS?

1) Core / Back pain

The core is one of the hardest areas of the body to train effectively. Unless you are a daily pilates goer or gym junky you more then likely have a weak core.

Weakness in the core can lead to back pain, LBL and bad posture.

Back pain is the leading cause of disability world wide. Studies have shown a 88.7% of people see a reduction in back pain. (Back Pain Study)

2) Weightloss

Bionic Fitness is an intense HITT training session. After just a 20 minute session you will be burning extra calories for up to 48 hours.


3) Save time

Bionic Fitness is a 20 minute workout that activates up to 90% of your muscle fibres. This level of activation can take up to 5 hours and 33 minutes doing conventional training.


The Research

A study consisting of 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks showed an alleviation of urinary incontinence complaints was achieved in 64.7% of the cases. 23.5% became complaint-free and a decrease in complaints occurred in 24.4%.

Whole body EMS training is an effective training system. It achieves therapeutic goals such as relief from incontinence and back complaints and preventive goals such as muscle formation, body contouring and improvements in mood, vitality, body stability and general performance. 

(BOECKH-BEHRENS W.-U./SCHÄFFER, G., unpublished dissertation, University of Bayreuth, 2002).

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Bionic Fitness EMS


Bev a mother of 3 has been experiencing LBL issues for over 20 years. Bev has done every possible treatment to fix her LBL issues including a surgical sling.

Within no time the sling failed and she was worse off than before the surgery.

Within weeks of Bionic Fitness sessions not only did Bev get fitter, stronger and lose body fat but her pelvic floor issues began to lessen. For the first time in years Jess was able to sleep comfortably at night and within a few months her pelvic floor is better then ever.

Bionic Fitness EMS

Eva. international opera singer ★★★★★

Eva is an international opera singer. Eva has been doing EMS for over a year.

Eva has not only gotten fitter and strong she has found a huge difference in her lung capacity and now finds singing effortless.

Bionic Fitness EMS

Tiae. ★★★★★

Tiae is one of our head Bionic Coaches and owners. 

Tiae started suffering LBL at 24 years old after her uterus dropped a level due to the pressure of the heavy forces on her pelvic floor from deadlifting.

After 6 months of specialist treatment, pelvic weights and Kegel exercises Tiae saw no improvement.

Within just a few sessions of Bionic fitness Tiae saw a noticeable difference in her LBL incontinence and within 3 months she was cured of her LBL issues and back on the platform.



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We are located directly Behind the Regatta Hotel.

Bionic Fitness is located inside Riverside Fitness. Customer carpark out the front.

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