DATE: Tuesday 11th June 2019 TIME: 10am-3pm Location: Yoga studio


HEY SAP team,

Bionic Fitness will coming to your office on Tuesday the โ€˜xโ€™th Of May for Free 20 minute sessions.

We are very exited to be invited into your office to plug you all into our full body EMS Machines.


Electrical Muscular Stimulation (EMS) uses its own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without you having to put strain on your joints or ligaments to do the work.

EMS uses an electric current to fire muscle fibres to give your body an intense and effective athletic training session. EMS training is appropriate for all levels including; general population, athletes, beginner, in rehabilitation or someone looking for a unique kick in their workout.

EMS is effective in increasing several key areas including metabolism, strength, endurance and speed.

What are the benefits of Bionic Fitness?

  • Fat Loss

  • Improve memory and focus

  • Saves Time (20 minute sessions, 2 sessions a week max)

  • Fix muscular imbalances

  • Improves posture

  • Relives/ fixes back pain

  • Increases athletic performance (Strength, speed, endurance, power)

  • Decreases the risk of injury when working out

  • Allows you to workout through an existing injury.

  • Increases Blood flow

  • Decrease inflammation

  • Speeds up recovery

  • Improve quality of life

  • Strengthen Pelvic floor muscles


What suit sizes do we go up to?

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.29.34 am.png

We have a variety of suit sizes. We can do people ranging from 50kg - 160kg

What do i need to bring?

We supply your undergarment suit and electro suit.
All you need is a towel & water bottle.
You can do your session in socks, barefoot or fitness shoes. If you are the type of person that sweats easily we recommend having a shower after the session.


Book in for your Bionic Fitness session below. Limited spots available.
Once you have chosen your time you will be taken through a list of health screening questions. If any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us directly.


You will find us in the yoga studio On LEVEL x

We are very excited to meet you all on x date. If you have any questions or health concerns feel free to contact us directly prior to the session.

Flyer you may have seen placed around your office.

Flyer you may have seen placed around your office.