What our clients say


Allegra ★★★★★

I found it really effective for activation of sluggish muscles and great for firing your muscles up. Every programme is tailored for your own fitness level. I’ve Been doing EMS for 8 weeks and really see how much my strength has increased, it really shows in my mountain biking and running, it has also helped my sleepy muscles fire after breaking my arm. Thanks Bionic Fitness!!


georgia ★★★★★

I love Bionic Fitness! Tiae and Michael are brilliant instructors and they kept me so calm and relaxed - thank you!!! 
I definitely recommend trying Bionic Fitness; it’s something you won’t regret trying.


MIM ★★★★★

I’ve had quite a few sessions with Tiae now on a weekly basis. At the beginning because it was something I had never experienced before I found in the first few sessions I had to psych myself up a little. It didn’t take long & I’m totally hooked now. After each session you feel fantastic. It’s just a part of my exercise routine now I’m addicted to it, I don’t want to give it up.