Seniors are plugging into a electronic machines to get fit? WHAT?

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As we age our bodies are at risk of a variety of Health challenges. 

Physically inactive people lose as much as 3% - 5% of their muscle mass every decade after the age of 30.

The decrease in bone density starts as early as 50 years old and can lead to bone fractures and fragile bodies.

Without regular exercise your body will experience a reduction in strength, endurance, balance, joint flexibility, mobility, cardiovascular and respiratory function as well as an increase in body fat, blood pressure and mood disorders. 

The problem is only 1 out of 10 Australians over the age of 50 exercise enough to gain any cardiovascular benefit.

A large number of people over the age of 50 are physically limited to what they are able to do to get fit and strong with problems such as arthritis, knee replacements, warn down cartilage, hip injuries. back pain and inexperience.




EMS uses its own electrical pulses to contract your muscles without putting strain on your joints or ligaments. This is Amazing news for people over 50!

The Research

A study consisting of 20 minute sessions per week for 14 weeks showed:Muscle mass increasedBody fat reducedWaist circumference reducedStrength increasedPower increasedAerobic capacity increased

The results of this research indicate the effectiveness of EMS training for people 60 years and over and offers an attractive alternative method of training. Being able to perform risk-free strength training beyond age-related barriers, EMS training proved to be effective for females and males respectively. Both study groups showed improvements in body composition (body fat, muscle mass, waist circumference), as well as in physical capacity (strength, power and aerobic capacity).


The study results show EMS training can be used by most age groups and can help people improve their body composition as well as their physical capacity. In conclusion of their findings, the researchers stated the following: “… to our best knowledge, we are not aware of conventional exercise studies that reported comparably favourable changes of body fat and free fat mass. The results are remarkable especially considering the short duration…”

W. Kemmler & S. von Stengel (Institute of Medical Physics, Friedrich-Alexander University)



Meet John


John is 73 years old and was struggling to lose weight.

After years of office work John has lost all cartage in his shoulders making it difficult to do an everyday strength building program.

Because of John knees he was limited to walking for everyday exercise. Within 6 months of 2 EMS training sessions a week John has lost 20kg. Most of which was around his abdominal area and has increased nerve sensation through his legs and arms which has decreased due to old age. 

John now trains once every few weeks as maintenance and has noticed a huge improvement in is strength, endurance and flexibility. 

Meet Mark

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Mark is new into his 50 and spent a large percentage of his life being extremely fit and active.

After a bad shoulder injury caused by a bike accident Mark has struggled to stay motivated.

In just 8 weeks of EMS session 2 x a week Mark has seen a huge decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle tone and energy. 

"I have been dealing with LBL for 20 years. This is the first Time in years I haven't had to sleep wearing an adult diaper"

Meet Jess 


Jess has had 3 kids and has been experiencing Light bladder leakage (LBL) for over 20 years. Jess has done every possible treatment to fix her LBL issues. She has been on numerous medications and has seen a number of specialists. After years of no relief from her condition she decided to go for surgery and have a sling put in.

Within no time the sling failed and she was worse off than before the surgery. As a result, Jess has had to sleep with an adult diaper for years because she can't get to the toilet in time before her pelvic floor fails her.

Jess was a pilates client and decided to try EMS training to strengthen her core and train her legs since she has had double knee replacements. 

Within weeks something unexpected happened. Not only did jess get fitter, stronger and loose body fat but her pelvic floor issues began to lessen. For the first time in years Jess was able to sleep comfortably at night and not have to fear an accident. 


Bionic FItness

EMS is more then just a fitness tool. Here at Bionic Fitness our mission is to change peoples lives.

Everyday we get to help people suffering from LBL, back pain, knee replacements, movement restrictions, obesity, cartilage and ligament damage, surgery, recovery and even the general population on their own health and fitness journey.

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